Events Package

It is clear that festivals and events need a Point of Sale Solution that is fast, on its feet and accurate at all times. TallOrder POS is ideal for social occasions of any size. Our Events Package allows you to only pay for the duration of your event with all the features from our Professional Package.  This Package allows for unlimited products on the system.

TallOrder Point of Sale can Help Make Your Event a Success.


  • R150 ($12) for 24 Hours
  • R245 ($20) for 48 Hours
  • R295 ($25) for 72 Hours
  • Only pay for the duration that you need a POS!
TO Events Package

Events Package Top Features

Only pay for the duration that you need a POS!

The TallOrder POS will keep functioning even if Internet connectivity is down or disrupted. As soon as Internet connectivity is up again, all transactions will be synced to the Cloud.

We offer integration with leading digital Payment Service Providers as well as payment via NFC technology. No matter how your customer would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily.

Our smart backend solution allow staff to enter orders and purchase quickly and with ease. The intuitive UI helps avoid mistakes and assists in upselling, helping complete orders in record timing.

Extend your revenue stream with TallOrder ToGo! Let your customers order and pay directly from any device, anywhere. You approve the orders and prepare them for collection or once payment is made.

If you would like more information on which licence package would be best for your business, you can explore our options on our pricing package or email us today.

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