Tax Filing Season 2023

The tax season in South Africa has kicked off, and taxpayers need to be aware of the latest updates and deadlines to fulfill their obligations efficiently.

The filing season for individuals in South Africa opened on 7 July 2023 at 08:00 PM.

Auto Assessments:

  • Auto assessments were issued by SARS between 1 July and 7 July 2023.
  • These assessments are based on third-party data collected by SARS.
  • Taxpayers who received auto assessments were notified via email or SMS.
  • If the taxpayer agrees with the auto assessment, no further action is required on their behalf.

Manual Filing for Non-Provisional Taxpayers:

  • Taxpayers who were not auto assessed by SARS need to file their tax returns manually.
  • The deadline for non-provisional taxpayers to file their tax returns is 23 October 2023.

Provisional Taxpayers:

  • Taxpayers who qualify as provisional taxpayers have a different deadline for their tax returns.
  • Provisional taxpayers must submit their tax returns by 24 January 2024.

It’s important for taxpayers to be aware of these deadlines and take appropriate action to fulfil their tax obligations in a timely manner. Failure to meet the deadlines may result in penalties or other consequences imposed by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

The introduction of the “Tax Return Status Dashboard” by SARS seems like a helpful and efficient tool for taxpayers in South Africa. With this dashboard, taxpayers can easily keep track of the progress of their personal income tax return after submission. The dashboard provides updates on verification/audit processes as well as refund processing, allowing taxpayers to stay informed about the status of their tax return without the need to visit a SARS branch or call the SARS Contact Center.

This system is likely to streamline the communication process between SARS and taxpayers, reducing the need for manual inquiries and making it more convenient for individuals to stay informed about their tax affairs. It should enhance transparency and provide taxpayers with real-time information about their tax assessments, potentially reducing anxieties and uncertainties related to the tax filing process.

Overall, the “Tax Return Status Dashboard” is a step towards making tax-related interactions more accessible and efficient for taxpayers in South Africa. It reflects the increasing use of technology to simplify administrative processes and improve the overall taxpayer experience.

Follow the link to track your tax return submission:

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